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Shanghai Zoo is of a land area of about 74 hectares, feeding and exhibiting more than 6000 rare and precious wild animals of over 400 species, among whom are ‘national treasure’ and ‘living fossil’ pandas, golden monkeys, Huanan tigers, and Yangtze alligators, as well as gorillas, African lions, giraffes, polar bears, Kangaroos and tapirus terrestris from various parts of the world.

Over 100,000 plants and trees of about 600 species are planted in the zoo. There is a fresh and spacious lawn, which measures 100,000 square meters, maintaining the landform of the gulf court of 50 years ago. The landscape designs in the zoo are a result of the consideration of the coordination between the green scenery and the ecological environment of the animal life. On the lake and amongst the reeds swim hordes of pelicans and wild geese, who from time to time fly in the blue skies, elegant and vigorous.

Over the recent years, Shanghai Zoo aims at building up an urban ecological zoo and renovating the animal displaying area into a clear ecological show zone, allowing the visitor to have a direct feeling of being in the great nature and enjoy the pleasantness of being in the wild.

Since its founding, the Zoo has grown to be a comprehensive park, which is of four major functions including recreation and leisure, popular knowledge of animal life, sci-tech research, and wild life preservation. Shanghai Zoo has so far received approximately 160,000,000 visitors. The beautiful scenery, the wonderful wild animal world, the ecological wild life exhibit zone, and the harmony between humans and animals of Shanghai Zoo will sure leave unforgettable impressions on the visitors and arouse among the visitors a love of nature.  




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