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Pictures Tell You about Changning-New Hongqiao Center Park

New Hongqiao Center Park is located at the Hongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone. Its land area measures 130000 square meters, of which 109000 square meters are green area and 10000 square meters water area.

The landscape of the park is composed mainly of plants, forming five major scenic spots: central fountain pool, both sides of Yanan Overpass, mid-lake pavilion, the east hill, and the west hill. The waterscape of the park is quite unique. Stream rushes down from the hill to the fountain pool. The banks of the pool are natural slopes, with cobbles scattered about the pool. The plants around well match the environment, leaving an idyllic reflection of the quiet water surface and wild nature. There are quite a number of feature architectural structures in the park, arranged along the waterside or on the hillside or in the midst of the woods, adding a North American touch here and there. The plants are designed to add to the architectural style, the landform and the environment, reflecting harmony between men and nature, displaying the ecological beauty of plant life, and presenting a pastoral scene.

Address: 2288 Yanan Road (W)

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