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Pictures Tell You about Changning-Panyu Road Foreign Residents’ Lane

Panyu Road Foreign Residents’ Lane is so named because the majority of the residents living in the lane were French, American, German and British nationals. The lane in the 30s of the 20th century was a part of the ‘Columbian Circle’ designed mainly by Ladislav Hudec, which is composed of 21 three-storeyed townhouses with two-sided sloping roofs, red-tile roofing, push-up dormant windows, and cement wall space. Each house has a courtyard of over 100 square meters on the north side, surrounded with low walls.

Address: Nos. 1-4, Lane 55, Panyu Road, Nos. 1-5, Lane 75, Panyu Road, Nos. 1-5, Lane 95, Panyu Road, Nos. 2-18, Pingwu Road

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