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Pictures Tell You about Changning-Zhongshan Park Commercial Center

Zhongshan Park Commercial Center, one of the twelve major municipal-level commercial centers in Shanghai, stretches from Huayang Road and Anxi Road in the east to Zhongshan Road (W) in the west, and from Anhua Road in the south to the Suzhou River in the north, with an area measuring around 1.14 square kilometers.

Zhongshan Park area is also known as one of the city’s most important traffic hubs. Metro Line 2, Line 3 and Line 3 form a ‘十’ intersection here, joined by 29 bus routes having their terminal stops or passing across this area. Visitors flow rate per day amounts to over ten thousand person-times. An underground traffic net has been formed in the area, linking up business carriers such as Cloud Nine Shopping Mall, Shanghai Book City Changning Store, Rose Mill, Zhaofeng Plaza and Spring in Paris Zhongshan Park Store.

Zhongshan Park Commercial Center has established its traffic-hub-style business center framework with Cloud Nine Shopping Mall as the ‘dragon head’, whose turnover in the year 2012 arrived at 3 billion RMB. Among the retail giants in the business hub include Gome, Sunning and Yongle, all of which are of a strong influential power in the household appliance retail sector in Shanghai, and the rate of consumption from major household appliance retailers from outside of the district reached 70%.

Zhongshan Park Commercial Center is scheduled to build up a ‘double-triangle’ and ‘three-street’ basic commercial structure:

1. ‘Double-triangle’: An ‘East Triangle’ business structure with Ailibao
Home Furnishing as its flagship store, backed up by Huaning International Plaza, Spring in Paris Year-round Brand Discount Hall and Spring in Paris Zhongshan Park Store as its main forces, and a ‘West Triangle’ business structure with Cloud Nine Shopping Mall, Zhaofeng Plaza and Changning Raffles as its main forces.

2. ‘Three-street’: Dingxi Road Feature Shopping Street, Yuyuan Road
Cultural Leisure Street and Kaixuan Road Multimedia Corridor.



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